~~~*THE* WWW Home For CATS!!!~~~
welcome to my homepage about cats!!

note:this is now also my homepage for my web projects. learn about my projects!

cats are great! this is a place on the internet all about cats!! Hopefully, when reaching the end of this internet web-page, you will have made many friends with the many characters you will find here! Blessings~~~

Also you will learn about various web pages I have made.

One of my newest projects nevermind i dont feel like sharing it


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~*Cats Sleep Anywhere*~
Cats sleep anywhere,
any table, any chair,
top of piano, window ledge,
In the middle, on the edge,
Open drawer, empty shoe,
anybody's lap will do.
Fitted in a cardboard box,
In the cupboard; with your frocks,
Anywhere...they don't care.
Cats sleep anywhere.
- by Eleanor Farjeon

~*Cats Sleep Anywhere*~
~*Cat hair!*~ Cat hair on the bedspread,
Cat hair on the chair.
Cat hair in the casserole,

Cat hair on my best coat,
Even on the mouse!
You live and eat and breathe cat hair,
When cats live in your house.